Wednesday, May 2, 2007

misc. jobs

Here are some other things that have gone on this past week. I'll get to the photos and add the descriptions there.

the leaking drain has been replaced.

When I took out the door frame around the stairs, the bottom tread and riser had holes in them where they were notched around the frame. So I decided to replace them.

And here it is. I think it came out pretty well.

The new water heater is installed.

The new furnace.. nice and small... and efficient, almost free to run it they tell me. LOL

The new panel box is in... Sort of seems like overkill at the moment. I'll need to add some new circuits to fill it up i guess.

Well, we seem to have gone from a dirty house that could be lived in to an even dirtier house that can't be. The next steps will be to start framing in the new partition walls in the office and downstairs half bath, running some new electric for outlets (one in each room doesn't really cut it these days), and replacing the tub and suround upstairs. Lots of work ahead but we can see it taking shape.


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