Monday, October 12, 2009

Locked out!!

Well, today was supposed to be a typical homeschooling day. I should have known this was not the case when all my lovelies decided they would sleep in. I was not upset. However, I took total advantage and spent some quiet time with me, myself, and my coffee. Fast forward a few hours...all is going well and I accept a short one hour babysitting job. In my frenzy to get as much accomplished before that time, I get kids dressed, switch the laundry, get ds #3 ready, and in a momentary decision on my way down stairs to be frugal I decide to shut all the bedrooms doors. Now, normally i am very careful when I close my bedroom door. You see, the previous owners decided to install a locking handset on the door. Not just a quick get a paperclip normal bedroom door knob. No, this is a "I am an ultra-paranoid- I-need-a-key-to- my-bedroom-'cause-I-don't-trust-my-own-family-handset." This is not the first time we have locked this door, so hence the normal caution. Well today we threw caution to the wind and slammed that sucker shut tight. Then checked the door and realized my mistake.
In times past during the dog days of summer. Getting in was easy. The screen was out in preparation for the air conditioner to go in and the window was open! No such luck this time! It was 29 degrees this am. The windows were shut and locked tight and there was no getting in by way of ladder. Which we tried just in case anyhow. So after a white-knuckled trip up the ladder it was back to the drawing board. I first consulted a locksmith who informed me a simple break-in would cost me $30. Not a frugal option so we tried busting the lock, breaking the lock, picking the lock with everything we had available, every key that would fit, and even thought about using sheer force and muscle and my ds#2's newly acquired board breaking skills (he just got his fancy new embroidered certified black belt two days ago). No success.
Well if you have looked at any of the pics on the blog you will have seen the wonderful hole we discovered when we removed the wall in the kitchen and the closets from the office and dining room. This hole leads from the space above the kitchen ceiling into the access panel located in my bedroom. So I just spent the later of my morning, with the help of my youngest brother removing the drywall that covers the hole and the insulation we installed to block the drafts and hoisted myself into the itchy darkness and banged my way into my bedroom.
I am now freshly showered. The drywall and insulation is back in place. The day is several hours older. And I still have most of a day of schooling to finsih and an extra 2 kids at my house. So much for the saving a few bucks in gas and electric. Next stop is HD or L's to get a normal know for the bedroom that only locks from the inside or is very easy to pick. Becuase, unlike the former occupants, I do trust my family.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I would say we haven't posted cause stuff hasn't happened on the house but mostly its cause hubby is too lazy to post. Plus I had no idea what the password was so I couldn't update it for him. Someday I'll learn how to post pics and stuff too. We have done a lot and at the same time not done enough. Off to bed with me.