Monday, January 30, 2012

new bookshelf.....

So here is a preview of the shelf...I will post again when it has all the finishing touches...and a few books!
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coconut Oil

A friend recently inquired where a good place to purchase coconut oil could be found.  I have always wished to have enough money to buy bulk barrel of oil and not worry for a while but alas coconut oil is very expensive and a good quality oil is especially costly.  So,  in an effort to procure the best rate and to try and offset cost with free money I have taken to watching and snagging good deals on Amazon with my swagbuck-earned gift cards.  This month on Amazon you can subscribe and save to Nutiva  brand Coconut oil  and get 15% off and add code NUTIVJAN for an extra 10 percent off...your total on two 15 ounce jars of oil will be $12.15.  The local store sells one jar for $11.99 and you would still have to leave your house and pay for gas.  The awesome thing about subscribe and save is that the shipping is free.  I cannot tell you how happy I am when the sales and subscribe and saves work together!!  The normal price for this 2-pack is $16.20.  Earlier this week the item was out of stock so in a state of panic at missing this deal I e-mailed Amazon customer support and they reassured me that if I missed the sale because it was out of stock, since I contacted them,   I could send them a copy of their reply with my order number and they would give me the discount!!  Happy shopping! 

PS.  I have a link to the said coconut oil in my Amazon Favorites widget and I am an affiliate and will get a small percentage if you click my link and complete your purchase.  Just my little disclaimer!!

I also have a swagbucks widget if you have yet to discover the wondrous world of swagbuck searching and earning free Amazon gift cards.  I will also benefit from you clicking there as swagbucks gives you referral bucks for your referrals.  This month I have done little swagbucking and have earned one $5 gift card.  Hey it takes little effort and it pays.  You should try it.