Wednesday, May 2, 2007

finishing the wall

To take out this last part of the wall I decided it was too much work to pull off the tongue and groove so I cut the whole wall in half and took it out in two pieces. The boys helped with the first part but I only have the pictures on my phone.

This is the second half of the wall coming out.

There it is... or isn't... It's finally all down!

Next up, the office wall

We thought this was a nice shade of pink, it almost made us change our minds about taking out the wall.

The boards on the floor mark the area that will be for the fridge. We don't mind losing the space in the office in order to have the fridge flush with the kitchen wall.

This is looking into the office. of course that's the area that will be walled in for the fridge.

This is the view from the dinning room. nice big open space.

Now if I can only figure out how to close up that big hole....

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