Sunday, February 5, 2012

Repurposing our old entertainment center for our new flat screen tv...

We have been in the market for a new tv for a long time but just didn't want to spend the money and just recently decided it was time to upgrade. So, yesterday I had an hour to spare while waiting in the big city for my ds to finish his first flying lesson...yes in a plane...I went to Best Buy. I found a excellent deal on one of their open item tv's and brought that baby home. Well, needless to say it wouldn't fit in our old entertainment center.

So we, freshly out of spending cash, decided to search the house for a good solution. We brought down an old tv stand that just was ugly and not quite large enough so....we decided to do a little surgery on our old unit and make it work.

I had used my husbands new tablet and taken a few pics of the process but I guess I have no idea how to use his tablet and those pics did not get saved...someday I will figure this picture thing out better. So I will try to explain it as best as I can. We removed the top and the doors. Cut off the vertical section 7 inches above the main shelf so we had a place for the dvd player and vcr. Removed the backing sections we didn't need and put the top back on. We also tweaked the shelf on the left side of the unit and made it longer with another shelf we removed. This is the completed project.

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