Wednesday, October 12, 2011

There were pics...and then there were none.

I haven't posted in awhile since we recently decided, ( wait..almost 6 weeks ago, really!) to tear apart our dining room. The hope was to at least get the walls and ceiling torn out, re-wire, rehang the drywall and paint before the school year kicked into full swing. And then to do a wonderful post of all the pics of the destruction and beautiful new walls. But then life happened. The wiring took forever as we sorted out the jumbled mess that was our wiring and replaced all the buried junction boxes we uncovered. Then the mudding of the drywall has been a slow process. We had gotten to the primer part when hubby decided, good thing, to go back and redo a seam that had cracked and looked not so hot. Well, that is still in process waiting for the final sand. So I think I see the light at the end of the painting tunnel but it is still quite dim and off in the distance.
But that is not the title of this post...lost in remodeling get my drift. No the event that sent my brain into anto-blogging mode was the loss of a years worth of pics from our memory card. I know, you are screaming at me, "Why the hec would you have that many pics on your card and not have moved them to a safer place?" I screamed that at me too but life happens and the urgent usually takes precedence over a few pics safely stored on a card in a bag. So, when I finally went to make this lovely post replete with awesome pics....they vanished...80 out of 263 photos into the download and then...bam! NOTHING!!! No pics on the card, none on the computer, no record at all. The silly butterfly is memorialized on my science blog but no CAP ball, no robotics competition, no CATS show with the kids on stage, no dining room photos. I did take the time, and so did hubby to research a bit and found maybe one program to rescue the images off the card. I know they are hiding on there somewhere. I just haven't had the time to do it.
So now you know where I have been. I will now return to my temporary schoolroom/dining room to set up for another day of teaching on the folding chairs and table. I will get those pics, I hope and share with you the wonderful transformation or else I will just give you a glimpse of the new place. If anyone has a way with stubborn memory cards who won't share their contents, please drop a comment!

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