Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's up at our 'new' house?

     Our big project this summer was tackling the foundation which turned out to be no big deal.  With the help of our friend, the mason, we finished the job in a day.  We were planning out a patio but are putting that off until spring.  Our next job is to locate someone who can take our rough cherry and mill it to a standard size.  Then we can begin the long process of building a stair railing.

The latest wrench in our day has been dh's wallet.  It seems to have been misplaced somewhere and the whole fam is searching it out this morning.  It was assumed to be lost in the couch but a thorough search produced nothing....

     The school year is beginning this upcoming week.  This week we spent more time running about and less time actually preparing for school next week than I would have hoped.  The kids earned a screen-free day today.  Hopefully that will go a long way to getting the school stuff organized and ready to go.  I am waiting on several of the kids' schedules for their outside activities before I can really decide on a few of the options that have been presented to us in the last few days.  Decisions. Decisions.  UGhhhh. 

     The canning and preserving continues.  I scored some free apples and so have been making sauce and need to make some pie filling.  Some sauce will continue to simmer away in a crockpot until it becomes apple butter too.  Tomatoes are still a pipe dream although a few calls have come in with hopes of getting some soon.  I could go pick but have not had the time as of late.

   The children are upstairs, and seems to be quietly and peacefully, completing their Thursday chores which include dusting and vacuuming their rooms.  Fall has really moved in, who knows if for good.  Everytime I say lets put away the shorts and get out more long pants the temps zoom into the 80's.  The thermometer is trying to desperately hit 60 today and it is threatening showers.  Forecasts predict maybe 64 by midday.  So it is off to the attic to find those pants!!  And here comes ds #4 with Daddy's wallet announcing, " You should've looked upstairs."  I guess I probably should have.



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